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The Key to a Drug-Free, Pain-Free, & Symptom-Free Life .

NOTE: The Inflammation, Digestion, and Skin repair program is now completely FREE. After selling thousands of courses for $69, I’m now giving away the entire program. There’s no catch. Just download the file to your Mac/Windows computer or eReader and follow the steps. I have distilled and updated the information in the original two books into one, which is all you need. If you enjoy listening and learning through audio, I’ll send a link where you can get more ideas and inspiration through CD audio files, also free. But just know, the entire program is now in one book file (available in both PDF or ePub formats).

The Symptom-Diet Connection.

Most people have been taught that their inflammation, digestion, and skin problems have no real cause, and the best cure is pharmaceutical drugs.

If that is the case, what you have been taught is not true. Symptoms—from Rosacea to Crohn’s to IBS to Acne to Psoriasis—are there because of the internal condition your current diet created. More importantly, these symptoms can be healed completely and reversed through little else than a change in what you eat.

Every year, hundreds of new prescription drugs claim to hold the answer to your ever-growing list of health problems. Many dutifully take these pills for each symptom and wait for the magic cure. The cure never arrives, because these medicines never address the true underlying cause. They only mask the symptoms.

What if there has always been a way you could make a profound improvement in your health – one you could actually feel and see – using just a change in what you eat? No drugs, no side effects, no costly bills. Just one simple, biologically-based program that uses your body’s innate healing ability to restore health.

Sounds farfetched? It’s not at all. It is simply the power of nutritional cleansing. And since 2006, over 18,000 people have completed this program. You’ll read many of healing stories in the book.

You may have already heard about nutritional cleansing, or have known a friend who said they were “on a cleansing diet.” It’s certainly not new, and it wasn’t invented last year or even last century. It’s just an essential part of basic human biology that we have left out of our modern health equation. I was lucky enough to stumble across it in my late teens. Back in 1976, the age of 19, tired a sinus problem and four years of tetracycline, a friend placed a book on nutritional cleansing into my hands, saying, “Change your diet, and those health problems will go away.” Five weeks later, these symptoms were gone.

That was over 40 years ago. And from that point on, periodic nutritional cleansing has been a central part of my life. I went on to teach others about cleansing, eventually writing two books, and three audio CDs (all currently selling on, which have sold over 90,000 copies to date.

Not many people know about cleansing as the most effective tool for recovering health. But the good news is that more and more nutritionists and doctors are recommending a cleansing diet because they are recognizing the role that it plays in disease, symptoms, aches and pain.

“I consider the cleansing & detoxification process to be the missing link in Western nutrition and a key to the health and vitality of our civilization.”

– Dr. Elson M. Haas, M.D.

Internal Oil Change.

You can think of a nutritional cleanse as similar to a human body oil change. People would never consider driving their car, decade after decade, without changing the oil, yet there is no concept in our culture for the need to do this to our own body vehicle. Nothing comes close —not drugs, surgery, vitamin pills, supplements, expensive therapy, whatever —to its potential for cellular repair. A cleansing diet builds a foundation of health and vitality that most people will only dream of.

This program is not a fast, or a starvation program, or something where you are hungry and deprived. Instead, a cleansing diet is a sane, food-based system that flushes the body with real food and concentrated nutrition throughout each day. The meals that you eat are delicious. You can eat as much as you want.

The 28-Day Cleansing Course works internally by removing built-up metabolic waste, and radically increasing the amount of nutrients that infuse and flush the cells. These two actions are accomplished by showing you how to prepare and eat real food, and remove the sludge-producing meals that stop healing from happening.

The results will prove to you that the human body is capable of reversing ailments that are currently mislabeled as disease. The course is for people who want to become symptom-free through a natural process that sees results within weeks, often days. It teaches you a faster, easier, more natural and much less expensive method of getting your health back.

We believe that this particular cleansing course is the easiest cleansing program on the market, designed for extremely busy people who don’t have time to waste, don’t want to go hungry, and who want to become symptom-free, pain-free, and drug-free in just a few weeks. It is a completely natural process that’s easy to learn and follow, all based entirely on ordinary, everyday food. You don’t starve; instead, you eat delicious meals every day. This body cleansing system will prove to you the direct relationship between your current symptoms and your daily food choices.

The Entire Program. Now FREE.

 The new digital download version of the 28-Day Cleansing Program distills the original two books into one single book that can be read as a PDF on your computer, or the ePub file that can be installed into any eReader you own (Kindle, iPhone, etc). These two original books were Cellular Cleansing Made Easy and 28-Day Cleansing Program (you can still find these used on Amazon).

For extra motivation, once you download the books, you can optionally request to download the audio files (also now free) from the 3-CD Real Food, Real Health. This contains:

  • ​CD Volume One: Superfood Secrets — • Learn the basic concepts of inner terrain. • The 5 Keys to repairing digestion problems.
  • ​CD Volume Two: Perfect Skin from Within — • The role of metabolic waste in acne, psoriasis and eczema. • The tricks to getting over a sugar addiction.
  • ​CD Volume Three: The 7 Physical Transformers — • Multiply the effects of your dietary changes through these inexpensive and easy-to-do techniques.

Nutritional Cleansing: The Key To a Healthy Life.

Imagine getting rid of a symptom or disease that you’ve been told is incurable or can only be fixed with prescription medication. How much better would your life be if you could get rid of the aches and pains and trade them for more energy, vitality, and a renewed zest for life? Would your life improve if you felt healthier than you have in years? Would you finally be able to start tackling some of your life dreams without feeling like you can’t find the energy? How much have you already spent on prescription medications, doctor visits, and time missed at work?

Nutritional cleansing can change your life. If you’re tired of your symptoms, and realize how crazy it is to add more and more pharmaceutical drugs into your body, learn the art of internal cleansing. You have nothing to lose. The entire program is now free.