Join the 20,000+ others who've gone through the profound regenerative outcome of this simple and economical program.

Here is a 4-minute overview, and some of the results students have received—

"Decades of skin problems disappeared."

After the first week, I realized my face was clearing up—for the first time in over 20 years. What a powerful message. Scott's detoxifying methods were dealing with the true cause of the why skin problems happen in the first place.
Since this course, I now pass this knowledge on to my patients. Thank you for this amazing, life-changing experience.
Dr. Kristin, MD Am. Academy of Family Physicians

Skin, digestion, inflammation and many other issues are often related to our nutritional choices.

The answer lies in a simple, inexpensive eating program.

As over 20,000 participants will attest, the key is a change of diet known as a nutritional cleanse.

Nutritional cleansing is a fast and affordable method of healing the body. 

Over 20,000 participants have gone through this cleansing program.

A quick 2-minute introduction to this course: 

"Clearer mind, and no more headaches."

My dad was a classic western doctor, and I grew up conditioned to be skeptical. However, when I heard from friends of their results from this course, I decided to try it.
The experience was quite amazing. I had more energy, I thought more clearly, my headaches decreased, my skin glowed... I was just happier. This cleansing course was truly life-changing for me.”
Rebecca C. Vermont

Our cells change when we stop eating the wrong foods.

And with daily personal coaching, it supercharges the results.

As the testimonial video above shows, the cellular repair that can occur during this course can be life changing. And for a fraction of the cost normally associated with those health issues, and in just a few short weeks.

  • Allergies • Sinus problems

  • Mood • Irritability

  • Dry and peeling skin • Acne

  • Digestion issues • Constipation

  • Inflammation • Joint issues

  • Outlook on life • Sense of control

Powerful results. Extraordinary value.

Cleansing is the fastest and most affordable method there is to eliminating symptoms.

And every level of membership comes with daily personal coaching with Scott. You're not isolated and you're not doing this by yourself.

It's why 20,000 students have achieved these life-altering results with the 28-Day Nutritional Cleansing Course.

Here is a list of some of the features included with each membership.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

No hassle refund. If you're not happy with the course, or with your results—for any reason—email us and we'll immediately refund 100% of your membership.
  • Detailed 28-Day Nutritional Cleansing Course

    $300 value

    Included with every membership, this is the complete cleansing course.

    It includes over 30 lectures, 60 audios and videos (all professionally edited so you don't waste time), kitchen and pantry setup, 200 of our own cleansing recipes, The 7 Physical Transformers that rapidly speed up your results, and the step-by-step daily regimen that you will be following for the four weeks. 

  • Private Cleanse Forum with Scott (members only)

    $200/year value

    Included with every membership, the Nutritional Cleanse Forum is a private members-only online community where any active member can ask Scott questions before, during or after their 28-Day Nutritional Cleansing Course.

    This is also where you will develop life-long friendships with fellow students who are on this anti-aging journey for life. You will be motivated into action by their stories of healing. 

    Every membership level gets access to this forum. But the EXTRA and TOTAL memberships get lifetime membership to this forum, which is why we recommend paying just a little more for the EXTRA tier.  No monthly fees; just a one-time charge for a lifetime of access. 

  • Weekly Live Video Coaching with Scott

    $349/year value

    Included in the EXTRA and TOTAL memberships only!

    Imagine the cost normally associated with getting a single, one-time nutritional coaching session. 

    Now imagine getting it live every week for a year! That's what this Weekly Live Coaching call is. An online video conference coaching with Scott and other students, where you can ask questions, get specific guidance, take people through you own kitchen or pantry setup, get tips from both Scott as well as seasoned students, hear new recipes, see cooking in action. Imagine the impact this alone will have on your health and motivation and overall life direction. Think of the costs you will save in health care!

    With the EXTRA membership, you get an entire year of this Weekly Online Video Coaching. And with the TOTAL membership, you get this coaching for a lifetime. 


  • One-on-One Video Coaching with Scott

    $75 per 30 minute session

    Two full hours are included in the TOTAL membership only. 

    One-on-one Zoom video conference coaching calls are a great tool for those needing and wanting detailed and personal help. Customized diet plans and kitchen/pantry setup can be tailored to your particular health needs. It can also be a great tool for families, companies, or groups of friends who want customized group instruction and motivation, bringing the cost down and making this a great value.

    The TOTAL membership includes two of these coaching sessions. And any membership can purchase them as needed.

"No more Allergy Medications"

I finished Scott's cleansing course over 7 years ago and continue to experience the results: in those first 28 days, I lost 20 pounds, lowered my cholesterol 30 points and was able to stop taking all allergy prescriptions. These are the same medications that my doctors said that I'd have to take these the rest of my life.

Thank you so much for the information and guidance
Cathy Brooks Australia

What you can expect from going through this 28-Day Nutritional Cleansing Course:

The most commonly reported improvements by students are:

  • Disappearance of skin problems

  • Disappearance of digestion problems

  • Disappearance of body pain/inflammation

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Reduction of mood swings

  • Improved memory, mental clarity and concentration

  • Improved skin, hair and nails

  • Overall feeling of well-being

  • Increased physical stamina

  • A much cheaper health bill

  • Eating habits that last for decades

  • Renewed sense of purpose in life