As a licensed medical doctor, I have struggled with acne since the age of 15, and within the initial week of Scott’s course, I realized my face was clearing up—for the first time in over 20 years. What a powerful, powerful message. Here I had tried almost every acne medication available (as an MD, I had access to them all), and yet within a week, I realized that Scott was dealing with the true cause of the why acne and other skin problems happen in the first place.

With acne in particular, the role of a clean colon became obvious; a clean, well-working colon also had a nice side benefit: it took about 5 pounds off, and gave me a trimmer waist. Scott’s detoxifying methods have also made a big difference in my mental clarity and all-around energy. I feel better than I have felt in a long time.

I now pass this knowledge on to my patients. What we eat has a profound effect on our health. I knew this in my mind before my cleanse, but now I know it in my body and spirit. Thank you for this amazing, life-changing experience.

Dr. Kristin, MD. Member, American Academy of Family Physicians

I wanted to go on a cleanse but wasn’t sure which one. Scott Ohlgren’s 28-Day Cleansing Program had the ring of authenticity, and this was confirmed when I got the books and CD package. 28 days sounds a bit daunting, but this cleanse is very accessible, and Scott is both so knowledgeable and so funny, that I wanted to get right into it. My normal diet is quite clean, so I wasn’t sure I would experience. It was wonderfully invigorating. I had lots of energy, sharpened focus and also lost about 8 pounds. And I never tired of hearing, “you look fantastic”. Thanks, Scott. I have since recommended this cleanse to many people, as I’m sure that anyone would benefit from it.

Ruth Shamai, President, Ruth’s Hemp Foods, Toronto

Hi Scott, Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the 28 day cleanse. I have been amazed at how great I feel and how delicious the food is. I feel like my taste buds have been hijacked (in a good way). I have had zero sugar cravings, zero cravings for highly-processed dairy, I don’t even miss them at all. I don’t think I can ever go back to my old way of eating. I am never standing in front of the pantry wondering what to eat or what will satisfy my urge for something sweet. I feel so satisfied after every meal. This is a far cry from weight watchers or anything else I have tried. Thank you for your books and all of the great recipes. I love this.

K Beagles, Utah

I found that this cleansing course not only changed my views on food, but other people’s views of me as well. I look healthier, and people often tell me that I’m glowing. I have a much more consistent positive outlook—no more emotional sugar roller coasters. “What Scott talks about is a common sense that has been lost to a world of convenience. But once people actually see the results that internal, cellular cleansing provides, they start to realize how food impacts health.
To those considering doing their first cleanse: rest assured you will feel these results, too. You will naturally begin to apply aspects of what you learned during your cleanse to your everyday life, because falling back into your old habits just seems so unappealing. The basic wisdoms you will obtain are well worth a little extra time and effort. I recommend that everyone does this. Thanks, Scott.

Josephine Martorana

I was walking through a Seattle health food store and I saw Scott’s book. Its title screamed out at me. I am a 48-year old professional woman that has struggled for decades with low energy, weight gain, depression, allergies, dry skin, and moments of memory lapses. I decided to do Scott’s program.

I had many challenges with this cleanse. It was a radical lifestyle change to the way I had been living. Even though I did not do everything Scott talks about, I did what I could do and stayed focused on it every day. When I look back now, I am amazed at what I accomplished in those 28 days. People really need to hear these results: I no longer have depression. I am happy, and deal with life’s daily challenges. I no longer have sinus headaches (a minor miracle). My skin is beautiful! No longer dry, do not need lotions and does not itch! No more constipation or bloated feeling. I lost 17 pounds. I am off of the 3 prescriptions I was on for depression, allergies and thyroid.

Thank you for opening my eyes, freeing me from the medicated fog, and helping me live a better life.

Shelly Cleator, Everett, Washington

Yesterday was day 28 of my cell cleansing program. It has been fantastic. My thinking and my emotions are clearer and more balanced. My skin is softer. I feel younger and stronger. And I’ve lost 17 pounds rather effortlessly. I feel more nourished on a deeper level than possibly ever. Thanks so much for all your effort.

Carolyn Rowan

Hi Scott, I had to drop you a line and let you know what has happened. I started a cleanse on April 12th – using only your recipes for the first 3 1/2 months. My skin and digestion have never been better.

You have completely changed my approach to food and I deeply thank you. I’ve been spending a lot of time revamping my closet with size 4 and 6 instead of 8 – 10. I now wonder if that is my true size minus all the constant bloating. My old clothe shopping critera including stretch room for bloating as a matter of course! Thanks again for spearheading this positive change in my life.

Kim, Austin, TX

I just had to write to let you know that i truly am a believer after reading your book and following (i’d even say loosely) the program for the few months. I used to use diet pills quite a bit (and had been on and off for the last 10 years) — and felt awful in many ways — mostly awful in my head.

But a friend gave me your book and seriously it has changed my life. i have been off of the diet pills and haven’t gained an ounce. i have actually lost more, even though i eat a lot more, too… but the truly amazing aspects involve more how i feel. I feel well. I feel well!!! In body and mind and spirit. I can hardly believe it myself – but man, I can feel my body and I feel well, for maybe the first time ever. After years of deprivation, i finally feel nourished. And you are right, it isn’t hard. And I truly enjoy eating what I’ve been eating and I enjoy feeling well and connected to the earth and frankly to myself.

I am a believer. MUCHO GRACIAS. You have opened up whole worlds to me – in me – around me…Damn. I am changed. Thank you.

Barbara Nelson

Just wanted to give an update on how things are going. My energy has definitely increased, my skin is glowing (no more rash!), and bowels are moving. My husband told me that the shape of my face is different than what it used to look like, more defined. I wake up with more energy, more focus, and a better understanding of how heath works.

I think most of us grow up thinking that our bodies are very fragile and inherently weak which plants the seed of fear in us into also believing that we have no control over our own health and that something outside of ourselves (like pharmaceuticals) have to become a part of our lives. But that’s simply untrue. If one believes that the body is designed to heal itself then it’s logical to conclude that you have to feed it with the kind of fuel that’s going to help that along. Thanks for your help.


Dear Scott and crew, I was turned on to your 28-Day Cleansing Course by several friends here in Austin, and I have been on the cleanse for 12 days now. My health has been poor for the past few years with problems with liver, lots of food allergies, a significant weight loss, adrenal overload, memory lapses and lack of clarity, and chronic indigestion. Before I started the cleanse I was in considerable pain in my gut and now I am miraculously pain free. I don’t understand how this worked, but thank you.

Carol B, Austin, TX

“My dad was a doctor, and I grew up conditioned to be skeptical of alternative approaches to health. However, when I heard about this cleansing program, I decided to give it a shot.

The experience was quite amazing. I completely underestimated the effect that it would have on me. I had more energy, I thought more clearly, my headaches decreased, my skin glowed… I was just happier. This cleansing program was truly life-changing for me.”

Rebecca C.

I suffered toxic heavy metal exposure from 9/11 in NYC, which then became disabling the next year when we rented a home that was inundated with black mold. After that, I knew that I had to detoxify my body to begin the process of healing. Trying to undo 35 years of my previous eating and lifestyle habits proved near impossible, especially on my own.

After attending one of Scott’s live seminars, I read his book and embarked on a journey that would be the beginning of a new life. My boyfriend and I did the 28-day cleanse together (which helped us grow even closer), and within weeks, I could feel my body shifting.
Because of the intensity of my toxic overload, I wasn’t a candidate for a miraculous, immediate healing, but the cellular cleanse Scott provided showed me a clear and easy path that has allowed me to permanently change the way I eat and think about food. This has given my body the opportunity to do what it wants to do—heal itself.

After the 28-day jump start, I’ve continued with the lessons I learned from the book and CDs, and over time my gut has healed, my brain fog has cleared, my chemical sensitivities lessened, my hair stopped falling out, my skin cleared up, and I have a much more positive outlook. Most of all, I can see the light of recovery. My boyfriend, who was not suffering from toxic injury, also experienced improved energy, mood, and clear skin. We both still follow the cleansing protocols (foods, sauna, colon care, skin brushing) in our daily lives.

Jill Sverdlove Boulder, CO

A year ago at age 46 I began experiencing tiredness and an unusual blistering and extreme itching of the skin of my fingers. I couldn’t sleep, the pain was so intense at times. I visited a dermatologist who spent one minute with me, and then wrote out a prescription for both topical and oral steroids. At my wits end, I dutifully and foolishly filled the prescriptions. When the last dose was used, the condition returned, worse than before. I knew that there must be a cause, and that I needed to find it, and not just cover it up with drugs.

“Exasperated, I researched online for any hope, and found the How Health Works website. I read all the articles and participated in his online chat board, where he graciously answered my questions personally. I purchased his CD/book cleansing course, and went shopping for new foods, cookbooks and supplements to take care of my own condition. After a few days of initial detoxification (which he had warned about) and feeling very tired, I began to feel better… look better… and my fingers showed improvement within a week. After a month on the regime, my condition was completely gone , as were a few unwanted pounds and under-eye circles.

It has been a year since that awful experience. My skin now has a new softness and smoothness, and I have so much energy again. The real surprise, a true bonus, is that I have a new, more joyful outlook on life. The information Scott shared in his 28-Day Regeneration Program allowed me to participate in my own healing, and I am a loyal fan. Blessings!

Ginger Narmour

If I could recommend only one book to enhance your practice, Scott Ohlgren’s 28-Day Cleansing Course is it. This is the perfect introductory primer for every new (and old) client. As practicing colon hydrotherapist for over 25 years, I find this program to be very well-organized, easy-to-follow, and written in an enjoyable style. Scott’s program covers everything from why and how to stock your kitchen with tools and foods, to why and how to prepare healing foods with scrumptious recipes. Plus it includes a 28-day journal to get your clients started without feeling overwhelmed. This book is an easy answer to educating our clients in a refreshing and basic-but-in-depth way. This course will complement your practice by providing a healthy lifestyle manual to clients that will help them to understand immediately the value of colon hydrotherapy and cleansing.
Scott has done a great job of consolidating his 30 years+ of studying and living healthy foods into this text. It will make your job easy.

Constance Jones, Board Member of I-ACT

I hate to speak of something so personal, but I feel that it is so important for other women to know about. I am now 44, and in the midst of menopause. When it started, I was sluggish, gaining a lot of weight (over 30 pounds), and my sex drive had driven away. I heard about Scott’s course, and did my first cleanse in May, 2005. The first week, my digestive system kicked in, I could actually feel it.. The second week, I felt charged with energy and the third week, my sex drive pulled up in front of the house. By the forth week, I had lost 12 pounds and established some new habits.”

I feel women in this stage of life can truly keep their metabolism going, and hardly feel the symptoms of menopause. I am so sincerely pleased.

Carolyn G

Rosacea runs in my family and I’d been plagued with it for several years. When I started Scott’s cellular cleansing course, I was not particularly thinking about it improving the Rosacea. What a pleasant surprise to find that within a couple of weeks, my Rosacea was completely cleared up. In fact, whenever it reappears has become my gauge for knowing that it’s time to do some internal cleansing, just as Scott’s program taught me. Thank you for these skills.

Kathryn Linville

I found that this cleanse not only changed my views on food, but other people’s views of me as well. I look healthier, and people often tell me that I’m glowing. I have a much more consistent positive outlook—no more emotional roller coasters.

What Scott talks about is a common sense that has been lost to a world of convenience. Once people see the results that internal, cellular cleansing provides, they start to realize how food affects health.

To those considering doing their first cleanse: you will feel these results, too. You will naturally begin to apply aspects of what you learned during your cleanse to your everyday life, because falling back into your old habits just seems so unappealing. Thanks, Scott.

Josephine Martorana

By the time I found this cleansing course, I had a growing list of ailments, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome so bad that I had to go many times during the day. I had headaches almost constantly. My skin was so oily that my makeup would not stay on longer than 2 hours, and I would constantly have to wipe my face off with a tissue. I also had a mild depression going on. I would worry about my health and really felt powerless to do anything about it.

I heard about your course and knew immediately that I had to try it. As soon as I started, I realized it was something I could actually do, that it wouldn’t be hard. Soon I was juicing, and colon cleansing, and sweating, and eating delicious healthy foods. I began to see the connection between these symptoms and what I had been eating. The results were amazing:

  • Within 3 weeks, I noticed I was not only NOT depressed, but I felt exhilerated. I have had moments of feeling truly ecstatic.
  • I completely got off of the antidepressant medication.
  • My skin cleared up and became much less oily.
  • My Irritable Bowel Syndrome completely went away.
  • I started having normal bowel movements. I can not tell you how this freed me up to go about a normal schedule during the day.

It is now been 9 months since first doing this course. I honestly had never felt better in my life. I refuse to ever go back to eating the way I used to eat. I will be eternally grateful for what you and your website have done for me.

Barbara Allen, McKean, Pennsylvania

I have lost 90 lbs. in four months with no hunger. I had Crohn’s, Chronic Fatigue, Acid Reflux, Arthritis, severe depression, was on the verge of Diabetes. I have either total remission or have found huge improvement in all areas. I still have a little Arthritis but it is getting better everyday. Praise God. I want to thank you for caring, and it is very apparent that you do this from your heart.

Lee Patten, Kansas

I first met Scott six years ago. Although I was skeptical, his energy and passion for helping others achieve their physical goals left quite an impression on me. As a Registered Nurse, I’d become increasingly bothered by medicine’s dependence on pharmaceuticals… The results of his program were life-enhancing. I now encourage all my clients to try out this inner spring cleaning.

Keli MacIntosh, Registered Nurse

After doing Scott’s 28-Day Cleanse Course, I am amazed by some notable changes – a skin tag that I had by my nose for about 2 years disappeared after the first week.

Karen Ackley Tredwell

I found Scott’s book while searching for a way to improve my health. At 43 years old, I have survived 4 teenagers, cancer, thyroidectomy, a spine rebuild, rheumatoid arthritis, and McDonalds. I have followed the course for almost 5 months now. My biggest win is that I have removed 8 daily prescriptions. I don’t do this program perfectly at ALL. Yet the progress is unbelievable. I hope that’s an inspiration to others, because you can get results without being perfect. JUST DO IT.

And my students have commented frequently, “boy you are happy today!” And you know, I am! Thanks, Scott, truly!

UPDATE, 4-27-14: It’s 2 years later. I’m including this picture of me playing with my granddaughter. Feeling healthy so I can play with her is a TOTAL BLESSING!

Sandy Scott

As a professional adventure racer, I’m always looking for a way to improve performance. Last year, my boyfriend convinced me to read Cellular Cleansing Made Easy and do the cleanse course.

One evening during the first week, I started choking up some phlegm. My boyfriend grabbed (I’m not kidding) a bucket and I started spitting out all this gunk. It was draining out of my nose and throat and lungs. I spit up clear goo for about an hour and a half. My boyfriend, who had done other cleanses, was elated. He told me all about detoxification and explained that my body was ridding itself of toxins. I immediately shared my story on the How Health Works’ online forum.

The end results: I have never felt so sharp or light or good. I am regular now for the first time in my life. My skin has a glow it didn’t have before, and friends actually comment on it. I lost 17 pounds that I didn’t need; and a problematic knee no longer hurts when I run and bike. Although my diet is not pristine, I have become very aware of what I put in my body now. I know what’s right for it and what’s wrong. I have lent out the 2 copies of the book to numerous friends who have each done the cleansing program. Thanks for everything Scott, you changed my life.

Michelle Lyman, Adventure Racer

The cleansing program is now free. Download at the  Subscribe tab.