Scott Ohlgren is a teacher, beneficiary, and author of the natural approach to healing and health,  using real food nutrition as one’s main medicine cabinet. Raised in Wisconsin, at a time when Spam, Velveeta, and Cap’n Crunch were considered part of the four Food Groups, his own introduction to the diet-symptom, diet-health connection came just in time.  At age 19, tired of ill health, a friend gave him a book, saying, “Change your diet, and those symptoms will go away.”  Scott-GivingPresentation - Version 2Since then, periodic cellular cleansing has been a central part of his life.

Scott is a 1985 Kushi Institute graduate, a nine-month intensive live-and-study program on food sciences. He studied at the two-year Rolfing Institute and became certified as a Rolfing Practitioner in 1988. He has sold over 90,000 tapes, videos and books on the diet/disease, diet/health connection, and he has been featured in the Bay Area Monthly and Success Magazine. Scott was a keynote speaker at the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy annual meeting, and is accredited by the Florida International University for CEU credits. Since 2004 his online course on cleansing  has taken thousands of participants through the same process that he learned 30 years ago.

Scott believes that much of America’s healthcare crisis is the outcome of a culture that has forgotten how to feed itself.Scott Headshot 2014  His main passion is to have people prove to themselves–to have the physical experience–of this connection between their current symptoms and the food that they have been eating for decades. That the role of healer belongs not to those from hospitals or prescription drugs, but is actually as close to home as our own hand to mouth. It is  our job — as parents, teachers, and leaders– to return the responsibility for our health back to where it has always belonged.

Other oddities: in his mid-twenties, shortly after reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Dr. Weston Price, Scott took off on a trip around the world that lasted just short of three years. From 1979–1982, he hitch hiked through eastern Europe, spent a year through Africa, sailed for four months on a 41-foot sloop off the coast of Madagascar, and then six months living in Australia.

Scott has been known to paraglide, ski, be a rabid Sheepshead player (a mid-western card game), do hot yoga, lift weights in the gym, and has been a scuba diver since 1980. He lived in Colorado for 35 years, and recently moved to Florida.